A Letter to God

Dear God,
I miss my old days.
When me and my Christian friends were holding each other hands.
We played, sang, and laughed together.
Without seeing our differences.

I miss my old days.
When I enjoyed Christmas with them.
I received Christmas gift just like them.
Without any bad thoughts.

And there were also times when we eat ketupat and opor ayam together.
We forgived each other mistakes.
Without any doubt.

I miss my old days.
When we always prayed for each other every night.
Without feeling scared about sin.

Isn’t it beautiful, God?
Just like how Islam supposed to be, right?

So please, tell those people who name themselves as God’s soldiers to stop spread the hate on Your earth.

But, still, I have one unanswered question for You.
Are they really Your soldiers?


Your child.

*Dedicated to all of the victims of terrorism. Not just the ones who is killed, but also all moslems whose pride has been hurt by it.


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